Littleton Chiropractor Offers Tips on Finding Chiropractic Care

Littleton Chiropractic is informing people about the benefits of seeing a chiropractor. People often wonder, “What does a chiropractor do?” Chiropractic care can address a variety of issues, including carpal tunnel, headaches, and pain due to injury. Chiropractic care involves using the alignment of the spine to alleviate physical ailments such as neck pain, muscle strain, and chronic back issues. By adjusting the spine to its proper shape and position, chiropractic care can provide non-invasive solutions for pain relief.

When choosing a chiropractor, there are many important factors to consider. These may include the symptoms or issues the patient is dealing with, as well as the types of treatment the clinic offers. By researching the condition in question, it can help narrow down the search for a clinic. It is also important to research independent sources of information, such as the state licensing board and other credible resources. When people begin the search for a specific practitioner, they can seek referrals from trusted friends, family members, and medical professionals.

Dr. Brad Bourne at Littleton Chiropractic in Colorado offers comprehensive treatment plans for a variety of issues, including whiplash, which is treated through adjustment of the spine and neck. The practice also addresses disc issues and chronic back pain. Dr. Bourne and his staff offer non-surgical decompression therapy that rehabilitates both the hard and soft tissues of the spine. This type of treatment is used in treating issues such as protruding disc, herniated disc, and disc extrusion. These are issues in which the gel between vertebrae becomes displaced in some way.

The chiropractic clinic in Littleton, CO strives to offer the best care to each patient by addressing the cause of pain and not just the symptoms. In addition to using x-rays to diagnose and asses progress, Dr. Bourne also trains each patient in at-home care to ensure faster correction.

After experiencing significant relief through chiropractic care, a client left a five-star review of the practice, saying, “I absolutely LOVE this place. When I came in a few years ago form a back injury, I was in so much pain I had to use a cane to get around, and Dr. Brad fixed me right up, and I was walking again within a few days. His staff is awesome and always accommodating. I highly suggest this practice if you need a chiropractor. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Littleton Chiropractic has been recognized as a top provider of chiropractic care in the area and provides pain relief solutions for a wide variety of physical ailments. Dr. Brad Bourne and his staff have experience treating a wide range of concerns, including chronic body pain, muscle injury, muscle sprain, neck pain, headaches, and carpal tunnel.


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