Littleton Chiropractor Offers Non-Surgical Decompression Therapy for Spinal Pain

Littleton Chiropractic, a family-owned and operated practice, announces that it is now offering decompression therapy for chronic back pain. The goal of Dr. Brad Bourne and his staff is to educate their clients about issues relating specifically to providing a cure for disc issues and causes of chronic back pain. They provide highest-quality care and solutions through non-surgical decompression therapy.

Chronic back pain can be challenging. The staff at Littleton Chiropractic focus on treating conditions such as: protruding disc (a condition in which a disc in the back becomes asymmetrical, and the gel between the discs is pushed out or bulges), herniated disc (a condition where disc material has ruptured to the point where the gel between the discs pushes outward), or a disc extrusion (a condition where the gel between discs balloons profusely into the area outside the vertebrae or breaks off from the disc completely). Conditions like these can cause symptoms such as back pain, neck pain, weak legs or feet, leg and foot pain, numbness and tingling, and loss of bladder and bowel control.

Decompression therapy for chronic back pain related to disc injury typically requires several thirty-minute sessions, starting with five appointments the first week and then distributed down to a few times per week after the initial week with daily treatments. The Littleton Chiropractic staff formulate a program that targets the function of stabilization ligaments, tendons, and muscles.  Treatment consists of traction that uses modern technology to pull the components of the spine apart gently. Sensitive gauges help to adjust the tension to prevent the patient’s body from working against the treatment. Treatment is quite comfortable for most patients and will include a suggested exercise regime as well as adjunctive therapies.

One satisfied client wrote in a five-star review, “I came in with a herniated disc a little over a month ago, I had never had back issues before, and I could hardly move. Dr. Brad and the staff were all really nice and took time to talk with me and help me understand the issue and the treatment plan. I highly recommend seeing Dr. Brad for all your chiropractic needs or concerns. He cares and is very personable and takes time to help you understand your condition and treatment and doesn’t try and push extras on his patients for more money. Thanks a bundle, I am happy to say I no longer have any back pain.”

Recognized as a top chiropractic care provider in the area, Littleton Chiropractic provides pain relief solutions for a variety of physical ailments. Dr. Brad Bourne and his staff can address a wide range of concerns, including muscle strain, neck pain, headaches, chronic body pain, carpal tunnel, muscle injury, and muscle sprain.


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