Spinal Decompression Basics in Littleton CO

Decompression Basics

Solutions to medical problems in Littleton CO can come from the most unlikely places. Penicillin, for example, was the result of a lab accident where some mold was allowed to grow, and it was later discovered that the mold had antibiotic properties.

In the same way, treatment for back pain had an unlikely discovery not here, anywhere on Earth, but in space. NASA made the inadvertent discovery that a lack of gravity can help with easing and even curing some types of back pain. That discovery was brought back to Earth, studied, and refined, and it eventually led to spinal decompression therapy. So how does it work, and why can it help?

Disc Problems in Littleton CO

Spinal decompression therapy at Littleton Chiropractic does the best for people that have compressed discs, so let's first look at what this problem is, and why it happens. Discs are unique organs in the body, in that they are both like muscles and like jelly at the same time. They sit in between the individual bones of your spine, almost like the meat and lettuce in a sandwich, where the bones are the bread.

Because of the unique, soft structure of discs, they act like shock absorbers for your back, taking and dispersing strong physical forces, and cushioning your bones so that they don't crash and scrape against each other every time you run, jump, or do other physical activities. However, injuries, strain, illness, and even the simple passage of time can cause a loss of the fluid inside these discs, meaning less firmness and resilience. When this happens, the bones the discs are sandwiched between experience more pressure, and this can lead to nerve irritation which is painful.

Stretching & Relaxing

Spinal decompression, as the name implies, is all about taking that pressure off the discs to allow them to regain their natural resilience and hardiness. It was discovered in space that because of the lack of gravity, the same pressures that squeeze bones together didn't exist, so the types of back problems normally associated with this kind of compression vanished for astronauts in space.

While we can't get rid of gravity back on Earth to help back problems, we can alleviate the pressure in other ways. That's where a decompression table at Littleton Chiropractic comes in to perform a similar function. The table involves having the patient lie down while a harness is put on and traction force is applied. This is a carefully measured bit of "stretching" that is designed to take the pressure from the bones off the discs. Once that pressure is relieved, the discs have a chance to regain fluids, which can supply and distribute nutrients, restoring the discs to their former resilience.

Regain Your Mobility

Being able to easily, and freely move in Littleton CO is critical to many activities in life, whether it's for professional, personal, or family reasons.

Decompression therapy in Littleton CO is a proven method of treating certain types of back pain conditions. Most importantly, however, it is not invasive, meaning that there's no requirement for surgery and other drastic techniques.

If you have back pain that keeps coming back to make your life difficult, you don't have to simply tolerate it. Seek out the help of an experienced chiropractor at Littleton Chiropractic, and find out the exact cause of your condition. You may be able to avoid a lengthy, intensive, and expensive surgical procedure. You will also find real, lasting solutions that can help you get your mobility back, and get rid of your pain.


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