2024 Must See Landmarks In Littleton, CO

The city of Littleton, CO has a rich history that dates back to the Peak Gold Rush in 1859. Its current population is over 45,000 and welcomes thousands of tourists throughout the year. The city is home to an array of fabulous attractions and points of interest that are very eye-catching. The climate is friendly and getting around is also quite easy. Besides attractions and great amenities, you will also enjoy eating out at the city's numerous restaurants. Some of the best landmarks to see in Littleton, CO if you were going to visit the city for a weekend include the following:

Writer Vista Park

This is a pleasant, shaded walk on a greenbelt neighboring a rural, horse property on the east and more recent sub-divisions on the west side of the canal. The landscape opens distant views of this rural area when you walk along one of the park's five trails. Some benches are placed at strategic points that provide panoramic views, and others are located in the shade. The banks of the park's canal are well-maintained and grassy amidst thick willow stands that grow where there is insufficient shade. You can bring your pet along and lead for a dip in the water on any of the many dipping points available on the park's canal.

Big Dry Creek Trail

The Big Dry Creek provides a 10-inch wide 5.4 multi-purpose trail connector helping skaters, pedestrians, cyclists, and equestrians of all abilities and ages. The trail offers access to regional, metro-wide, and local amenities including Goodson Recreation Center, Sandburg Elementary Schools, South Suburban Parks District head facility, Littleton High School, South Glenn Library, South Glenn Mall, and selected Light Rail Stations. Additionally, this trail offers connections to Pirates Cove Aquatic Park, Cornerstone Regional Park, Progress Park, and an off-street link to Belleview Park, home to the major recreational facilities - baseball fields, picnic areas, and ice areas - of South Suburban Park District. And, within a mile of the Big Dry Trail and Mary Carter Greenway, users can access Carson Nature Center, South Platte Park, and the Hudson Gardens all located along the banks of Platte River. It is an amazing landmark that is worth your time while in Littleton.

Littleton Museum Littleton

Museum is a fun, historic, and charming place worth visiting with your entire family. The museum has two functional farms that are complete with animals, blacksmiths, and a schoolhouse. The blacksmiths are a real treat; they will teach about their roles and make a variety of tools. The two farms maintain the 1800s to early 1900s look and feel. All the workers grow only foods from that era and dressed in that period. The farm animals kept in the museum are always amazing to watch. Above all, there are great displays to check out for free as there is no admission fee to the museum.

If your visit coincides with the Holiday Festival, you could be in for a treat of wagon rides, hot beverages, cookies, and stories. This museum is a gem and an amazing to visit, irrespective of age.