Chiropractic Clinic in Littleton Offers $19 New Patient Special

Littleton Chiropractic, a chiropractic clinic in Littleton, CO, announces that it is offering new patients a $19 appointment special. For $19, new patients will receive a consultation, exam, and their first treatment. This offer is a great opportunity for people who want to naturally revitalize their health and increase their quality of life.

The experienced chiropractors at Littleton Chiropractic use a “whole person” approach to chiropractic care and wellness. The team works with patients to discover their particular wellness needs after which a personalized care plan is crafted to help patients achieve the highest quality of life. Littleton Chiropractic also offers a unique, comprehensive wellness program.

To schedule an appointment, new patients can visit the Littleton Chiropractic website at Patients will need to fill out the form on the webpage so that they can start experiencing transformative chiropractic and wellness care. The $19 new patient special is a no-obligation offer. The chiropractor wants to see if chiropractic therapy will help patients before they make a financial commitment to further treatment.

New patients may wonder what to expect at their first visit to the Littleton chiropractor. Upon entering the office, the patient will need to fill out some brief paperwork. The paperwork provides the team with general information about the patient and their condition. Littleton Chiropractic offers online patient forms that can be completed at the patient’s convenience in their own home.

Once the paperwork has been completed, the patient will have a consultation with the doctor to discuss health-related problems and concerns as well as future recommendations. In order to determine the patient’s underlying problem, the doctor will ask various questions related to the patient’s health. Next, a number of specialized tests will be performed to determine which parts of the patient’s spine and nervous system are affected. In some cases, the team may take x-rays to either rule out a serious condition or provide assistance in developing the most effective treatment plan.

Prior to leaving the office, patients will be given instructions for at-home procedures. This may include ice and heat application instructions, home exercise suggestions, or avoidance of certain activities or positions.

If the patient chooses to pursue further treatment, they will be given a convenient appointment time for a follow-up visit. Generally speaking, patients are seen within one to two days and are provided with a complete review of findings. Future recommendations will also be discussed during this time.

Littleton Chiropractic, a leading chiropractic care provider, seeks to restore patients to their optimal health. Led by Dr. Brad Bourne, the team offers pain relief therapies for a wide range of physical ailments, including muscle strain, muscle sprain, muscle injury, neck pain, headaches, chronic body pain, and carpal tunnel.


For more information, visit the Littleton Chiropractic website at