The Best Parks and Museums In Littleton, CO

The city of Littleton, Colorado has something for every visitor. Whether you live here or enjoying a family vacation, or are here for business, ensure to check out some of the best things that this city offers. If you are planning to spend some amazing time in Littleton, CO the following are some of the parks and museums that you should make a point of visiting.

Littleton Museum

Littleton Museum is a clean and well-kept spot, offering friendly personnel and a working farm containing real animals. It is an excellent place to spend your weekend afternoon with your family, checking out the cows, chickens, peacocks, sheep, pigs, turkeys, oxen, donkeys, etc. There are re-enactments and educational resources available in the spirit of the 1890s/1860s farm. They can appeal to older children and adults with those indoor exhibits and the elements. It is a fantastic place for seeing animals and walking around, and you will undoubtedly want to go back there as many times as possible after your visit the first time.

Carson Nature Center/South Platte Park

This is another favorite destination in Littleton, offering beautiful trails to bike and run on. It has a gravel trail of several miles that allows space for walkers and runners to stay out of the biking traffic. Enjoy beautiful Platte views, head all the way to Littleton downtown by heading North, or access Chatfield State Park by heading South. The best time to go there is during the weekdays to enjoy a less crowded trail. On top of that, admission to the museum is free both for adults and children. Visitors can also fish for trout and small-mouth bass in the five lakes or kayak through fast or gentle water in the river.

Re-create Littleton's famous 1964 flood

At Carson Nature Center's interactive Water Table or get a close look at live animals at the museum inside the center. You can also go outdoors and search for thousands of wildlife species close to home. Spend an entire day or a couple of hours exploring Littleton's nature, in this amazing place.

Robert Clement Park

Robert Clement Park is open throughout the year and is one of the most utilized parks by the local community. This magnificent park has got a lovely lake and is also a popular destination for most sports. There are quite many fields for many team sports, including several batting cages and tennis courts. A walk around the park's lake makes for an amazing time spent with mother nature only a few miles from downtown Littleton. The park offers covered picnic tables for supper or lunch with breath-taking views, as well as a stage for plays and concerts throughout the summer. This park is located next to the Columbine High School which suffered a horrible massacre eighteen years ago. A poignant memorial was set up in the park to remember the students and teachers who died there. Robert Clement Park is a diverse and pleasant place to visit whenever you are in Littleton, CO.